Top 3 Router Table Reviews

The market is full of router tables, making it difficult for buyers to get the best. Here are some reviews to guide you in getting the best router table. We’ve taken the info for this article from router table comparison website

Bosch RA1181

If you are on a budget but in need of a quality router table, Bosch RA1181 is the best fit. Despite the router table being less costly, it features a sizeable work surface, which is sufficient for woodworking and routing. Besides, Bosch RA1181 router table is compatible with many routers. Therefore, you will not have problems if your project needs different setup or approach.

The router table features a 2.5 inches dust collection port. The feature is essential in ensuring your environment remains workable. The top of the table is made of aluminum, to provide balance that is required for efficient use of a router table. Even without mounting a router, the top does not bend. However, there are screws that allow you to mount plates correctly.

Setting up Bosch RA1181 is easy, because the router table comes with a set of hardware required for mounting. In addition, the router table has a storage area, which gives room for things you are not using, although the area is not that big.

Finally, the router table features a built-in cord wrap, which makes transportation and storage easy. Although Bosch RA1181 is a budget router, it is effective and gives quality outcomes.


  • Have adjustment screws, which make plate mounting simple
  • Solid aluminum mount plate
  • Features half-dozen mounting configurations of various routers
  • Power switch has a lockout safety


  • Many body parts are plastic in nature


Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax

The model makes the best extension router table. The router table increases the functioning of your table saw, making it easy to use. Even with a top performing router table, your work cannot be of top quality if the working space is limited. Thus, ProMax is ideal for table saw functionality without much of the table space.

The ProMax features a miter gauge track, which enables you to make accurate adjustments in your project. Also, it is easy to adjust the surface area, as the table features a dual fence slot configuration, which allows you to turn the fence and work from any side of the table, for effective functionality.

Other important features of the router table is the dust collection port, which keeps your work area clean and an additional miter slot, which makes handling of crosscut sleds perfect. Additionally, the outer fence is attractive and easy to transport.


  • Effective dust collection
  • Adjustable fence
  • Sturdy design
  • Suitable for rigid table saw


  • Does not feature a router mounting plate


Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop

Currently, ProTop is the best benchtop router table. Although the router table is compact in size, it has many features that are suitable for professional and hobby use. Among the unique features of the Bench Dog are the forward offset router setting, and a double position ProFence, which offers extensive work surface area, sufficient to handle different projects and tasks.

The router table has a sturdy design, which gives maximum stability, and the materials are durable. Besides, the table is portable. The construction of the router table is versatile, hence meets the needs of a professional or DIY craftsman.

The ProTop has a high quality fence, which is a piece of flat aluminum frame machined on the front and bottom surfaces, for use of heavy duties. Additionally, the table features adjustable sub-fences and bit-guard to offer zero tolerance. An aluminum miter track is also available to allow the use of different miter gauges.


  • Highly portable
  • Solid plate
  • Strong aluminum fence
  • Easy adjustment of sub fences


Setting up is not easy